"If we modern people would combine Swedish massage, the various baths, chiropractic, osteopathy, the use of suggestion, and the ancient religious practice of the 'laying on of hands,' we should approach the scope of Lomilomi, the ancient Hawaiian system of healing."

Brad Steiger, Kahuna Magic

Lomilomi  is the ancient traditional practices of Native Hawaiians working to restore the balance of breath (ha) and spiritual power (mana) in the human body (kino), which constitute essential elements of health (ola).  In the right hands, it is a healing touch that is deep and powerful, yet gentle, giving immediate and long-term results. 

Lomilomi  is a circulatory massage.    It manipulates and loosens soft tissue .  Lomilomi stretches muscles and connective tissues while stiff joints are loosened, and internal organs are gently manipulated into their correct relationships. 

Lomilomi  also includes prayer (pule), herbal medicine (la 'au lapa'au), bone setting (ho'onoho iwi), cleansing of body (huikala), mind (mana'o) and spirit (uhane), acknowledgement of a higher power (ke akua), and to make right (ho'oponopono).

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Hawaiian Lomilomi

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